Our Work

We create outstanding corporate gift bag and travel products for some of the leading companies in media, entertainment, sports, law, finance and several celebrity customers. Below are but some recent examples of work we have done for notable names ranging from Aussie Hair Care and NIKE to Lexus Automobiles and Bloomingdale’s.


Aussie Hair Care

We have created a number of luggage tag concepts for corporate clients; one of our favorite was for Aussie haircare. Their iconic Kangaroo was adorned on several thousand luggage tags, delivered on time for an internal sales retreat.


A special, secret division of NIKE wanted a gift to motivate high-performing sales employees. It was a cool project for them and for us, and they gave free shoes as a thank you. Cool.

A celebrity talk show host

Our favorite customer (other than you) is the funniest and classiest guy on TV. We regularly create holiday gifts for him and visit the show when its in town.

black-duffel-lifestyle_large copy.png

Tuft & NeeDle

Tuft & Needle makes an incredibly comfortable mattress—we should know as we use it. A long-time client, we have created luggage tags, duffel bags with Pantone match stitching. and also provided our branded duffel bags to them for holiday gifting. Their product is excellent, and their teams deserve the best.

Lexus Automobiles

The Japanese luxury car maker wanted a quality duffel bag to offer to customers at dealerships across the U.S. If you drive a Lexus, you might have seen our bags in the showroom.


Targit is a Danish business intelligence firm with offices in Denmark and the U.S. We created two versions of a black duffel bag for their employees, including the one you see here. The order was delivered within three weeks with part shipments to Denmark, Boston and Tampa. All of the logistics were handled by our teams.


Google Cloud Support

On short notice, we worked with an agency to create Google Cloud Support branded duffel bags, delivered within two weeks of placing the order. The bags were made to order, with Pantone matched embroidery done in-house before shipping the bags.


The private equity firm needed a simple branded shaving kit bag for a corporate retreat. We worked with the team to take their logo, prep it for embroidery and faithfully reproduce it in time for their event.

Moelis & Co

The private equity firm needed a branded gift product to invite investors to an exclusive Pebble Beach Retreat. A product that needed to impress and we delivered exactly that.

black duffel.jpg

100% Bloomingdale’s

The New York-based retailer wanted a series of custom products to launch 100% Bloomingdale’s, with artist Greg LaMarche. We’re in, and we’re 100% Bloomingdale’s. It one of our leading retail partners for our branded products, to boot.


The Vancouver-based retailer wanted a small gift product for their retail teams that wasn’t a throwaway item. That we can do.

Bespoke post

The New York-based subscription box provider needed several thousand luggage tags for a special box. We delivered early.

tpg-kit (1) (1).jpg

The Points Guy

We created a tastefully-branded shaving kit bag for The Points Guy holiday party. Of course, it had an image of JFK Airport shot overhead at night printed on the inside. Our founder, Mike Arnot, writes for The Points Guy and other publications in the airline space.

grey backpack.jpg

Custom, for you

We have a lot of flexibility to brand some of our best sellers, including our waxed canvas products.

custom lining.jpg